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Cleveland Indians

Aeros Advance to Championship Series, but Give Erie its Due

By sstorm Published: September 8, 2007

After practically crawling into the playoffs, the Aeros have come up with one heck of a turnaround the last two weeks in finshing the last week of the regular season strong and now knocking off Southern-Divison winner Erie 3 games to 1 with an 8-6 win Saturday night at Canal Park.

The Aeros overcame a rough start by starter Bobby Brownlie and a pair of early errors, using three home runs - including a pair of two-run shots by Michael Aubrey - to charge back for the win.

The Aeros have two days off before heading to Trenton for the start of the Championship Series Tuesday in New Jersey - a well deserved rest.

As players sprayed bottles of champaign at each other under the clear plastic tent that was the team's clubhouse Saturday night, Aeros manager Tim Bogar called the media into his office. After a few quick words about his team's achievements, he spent some more time talking about how impressed he was with Erie.

A lot of managers will throw comments in like that to sound good.

But it was obvious Bogar meant what he was syaing about how the SeaWolves were the best team the Aeros played all year. He also talked about how impressed he was with Erie Manager Matt Wallbeck. Perhaps Bogar was referring to Wallbeck's class for not making too big of a deal out of the Indians sending Jeremy Sowers to Akron to pitch a pivitol Game Three.

As unfair as the move may have been, neither Bogar nor Wallbeck had anything to do with it, and both handed it professionally. The message they sent to their respective players was clear: You can't worry about things out of your control.

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