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Cleveland Indians

Aeros fans: where are you?

By sstorm Published: April 29, 2008

The Aeros played another home game at Canal Park in front of a lot of fans dressed as blue seats Tuesday night.

Granted, it was pretty cold and raining on and off. But the wetaher for the most part, has been incredibly decent for April in Northeast Ohio.

Aeros fans get a pass for Tuesdasy's game due to the extreme weather (kudos to the 10 who stayed for the whole game) - but support for the team during the first month of the season has been all but extinct.

"Officially" the team is averaging 3,148 fans in 10 home openings - ranking seventh in the 12-team Eastern League. And while no team is ever completely honest about the actual butts in seats, anyone who has seen the team play can attest to what a stretch that probably is.

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