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Alomar story brings up plenty of questions

By jcfortun Published: February 12, 2009

The recent allegations that former Indians second baseman Roberto Alomar knowingly engaged in sexual intercourse despite having the AIDS virus is shocking. And, perhaps even more so, explosive.

For those of you who haven’t heard: Alomar’s ex-girlfriend filed a $15 million law suit alleging that Alomar repeatedly told her that he was disease-free as the two engaged in unprotected sex. All, while Alomar, allegedly, knew he had “Full-Blown AIDS.”

The law suit begs to ask many questions:

Alomar’s brilliant career did seem as if it came to an abrupt end when his talent level quickly dissipated in 2002. According to the New York Daily News story, he did retire due to health issues.

He was an MVP candidate and an All-Star for the Indians in 2001. That year he hit 20 homers and drove in 100 runs while hitting .336.

The next, he was dealt to the Mets in an off season deal, Alomar hit just .266 with 11 homers and 53 RBI. His numbers would never even be that high again.

The playing time in each of the years was very similar. Alomar, who entered the 2001 season 33 years old, had 575 at bats for the Tribe. He had 590 at bats for the Mets, at the age of 34.

Could his declined health and acceleration to the end of his career be because of the AIDS virus?

The lawsuit also brings to light allegations, and I stress that these are just allegations at this point, that Alomar was raped by two men when he was 17 years old. The New York Daily News story implies this is where the AIDS came from.

Did Alomar play his entire career with the AIDS virus?

The lawsuit also alleges he refused to get tested, although he showcased obvious symptoms.

Could Alomar have played his entire career so brilliantly with AIDS and without medical treatment for it?

The claimant also says she had unprotected sex with Alomar for three years, but her test came back negative for the virus.

Nevertheless, this is not the way Alomar would want to be remembered and he is already fighting back. Alomar claims the accusations are “full of lies,” in another New York Post story.

Alomar’s new girlfriend, Maripily Rivera, claims that she has never seen any signs of illness.

"He has never gotten sick on me. We train together. And he has those beautiful, well-defined arms," she said in the story. "They want to destroy him, but they won't be able to."

I don’t really know what to make of the lawsuit or the allegations and I am interested to see what comes of this case if/when it hits the court room.

Alomar's official stance o nthe subject can be found on his official website:

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