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An indepth look at how the Martinez trade went down

By jcfortun Published: October 10, 2009

The trade of Victor Martinez obviously didn't happen over night. It took a lot of patience by the Boston Red Sox and it was nearly a package deal for Cliff Lee as well.

Rob Bradford of WEEI put together an indepth look of how the Red Sox acquired Martinez. It is definitely worth a read.

here is an excerpt:

As much as the Red Sox wanted Martinez, they also realized that too much interest only was going to drive up the price, so they took a 24-hour-or-so break from calling the Indians. In the meantime, the Sox started heating up their pursuit of two players atop the wish list, Hernandez and Gonzalez. They both were long shots, but with a decent idea of what it would take to get Martinez, the Sox could take some shots elsewhere.

The Sox’ instincts and intel were correct — after seeing the shock-and-awe transactions fall through, it took a phone call lasting just a few minutes to consummate the deal for the team’s new catcher (and without Reddick).

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