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Cleveland Indians

An interesting manager comparison

By jcfortun Published: September 30, 2009

The Cleveland Indians and Colorado Rockies both faced interesting managerial decisions at the end of the May. Here is a look at how both teams handled the decision:

The Rockies:

On May 29th the Colorado Rockies announced the firing of then manager Clint Hurdle. At the time the Rockies were 18-28 and in fifth place in the National League West race.

The Rockies then responded by going 21-7 in the month of June and haven't had a losing month since.

Today they are 89-68, and three wins away from clinching the National League wild card race.

The Indians:

The Indians were 21-29 on May 29th, dropping a 3-1 game to Andy Pettitte and the Yankees.

They were 9-18 in June and 12-12 in July and had their only winning month of the season in August going 15-12. They are 6-20 in the month of September.

Obviously there are a lot of extraneous factors that go into these types of decisions and this comparison is very light in detail, but the figures still create an interesting parallel.

Could things have been different if the Indians reached a decision to fire Wedge earlier? Did the firing of Clint Hurdle aide in inspiring the Rockie players? You tell us.

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