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Anyone got a Handle on this team?

By sstorm Published: September 15, 2007

I'm asked a lot to give my opinion on the Aeros - the questions often coming from my boss to the guy at the grocery store.

How good are they, really?

Will they make the playoffs?

Can they come back from an 0-2 deficit in the Eastern League Championship Series?

All season, I've done my best to give my true feelings. The problem this season with this team is that they are very hard to get a good feel for. Just when I think they'll cruise into the playoffs like they seemed for the half of the season - they end up limping in.

Just when I think they're playing so badly they may not even make the playoffs, they reel off a nearly perfect week to end the regular season and challange the Erie Seawolves for the regular-season disivision title.

Just when I think they've got momentum in the playoffs by knocking off Erie in the Southern Division Finals, they quickly go down 0-2 in the Championship Series to Trenton.

About the only thing I've been right about this season regarding the team as a whole, is that I knew in my gut they would not lose Friday night in Game Three at Canal Park.

Understand, by then I'd come to learn that just when it seems one way, the team pulls a fast one. So I figured while many people had written the series off for a Thunder sweep - the Aeros would shock everyone and win instead.

That's exactly what they did with an 8-2 win that looks closer than it really was. The early energy with which the team played and the jovial mood before the game showed a loose team with nothing to lose.

The Aeros - seeking their third title in five years - have been in the this sitaution before and don't fear the pressure. While Trenton - with its two errors and shaky ace in Alan Horne Friday night - seemed tight, the Aeros were loose and carefree.

So that brings us to one last big question: Can the Aeros come back from a 2-0 deficit and win the series in five games Sunday afternoon at Canal Park?

Your guess is as good as mine.

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