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Baseball America likes Tribe draft

By sstorm Published: October 28, 2010

The Indians may be struggling to sell their current product to their frustrated fan base, but at least one respected publication - Baseball America - likes what the team did in the 2010 draft to help begin to turn things around.

For starters, BA ranked the Indians draft as the best in baseball. Here's the Top 5 list for Best Draft:

1. Indians
2. Red Sox
3. Blue Jays
4. Rockies
5. Nationals

Also, BA tabbed the Indians No. 1 pick - LHP Drew Pomeranz - as having the second-best secondary pitch. Here's the Top 5 list in that category with draft round always in parenthesis:

1. Jameson Taillon, rhp, Pirates (1)
2. Drew Pomeranz, lhp, Indians (1)
3. Matt Harvey, rhp, Mets (1)
4. Stetson Allie, rhp, Pirates (2)
5. Chris Sale, lhp, White Sox (1)

Another Tribe newcomer in RHP Tony Dischler, made the list as well in the category of Best Late-Round Pick with an Above-Slot Bonus:

1. Ty Linton, of, Diamondbacks (14)
2. Erik Goeddel, rhp, Mets (24)
3. Jordan Shipers, lhp, Mariners (16)
4. Kyle Waldrop, of, Reds (12)
5. Tony Dischler, rhp, Indians (23)

Pomeranz made another Top 5 category, ranking fourth as the Players Closest To The Majors Among College Players:

1. Chris Sale, lhp, White Sox (1)
2. Chance Ruffin, rhp, Tigers (1s)
3. Christian Colon, ss, Royals (1)
4. Drew Pomeranz, lhp, Indians (1)
5. Zack Cox, 3b, Cardinals (1)

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