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Baseball book coming to big screen

By jcfortun Published: April 22, 2009

Didn't know this, but one of my favorite books is set to become a full length motion picture. 

Director Steven Soderbergh and actor Brad Pitt, along with Columbia Pictures, will bring "Moneyball" to the big screen. 

Pitt will play the part of Oakland general manager Billy Beane as he finds and exploits market innefiencies in order to provide a winning team in Oakland, despite having one of the smaller pay rolls in baseball. 

Comedian Demetri Martin is signed on to play Paul De Podesta. David Justice and Scott Hatteberg will portray themselves. 

Not exactly sure how this will play out, but Pitt and Soderbergh are some pretty big names to be attached to it.  So I will go with the wait and see approach.

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