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Cheap on Shirts, but New Grass Coming

By sstorm Published: September 20, 2007

I received this angry email from Adam this week and it got me thinking: How do fans feel about the team's ownership? Take a look at what got Adam all ruffled up and let me know if any of you have similiar or different views. Personally, I hesitate to gripe too much at this moment when the team is in the midst of putting a new field in the stadium.

Anyway, take a look:

It is an absolute joke that the Aeros did not have any playoff t-shirts or Southern Division Championship merchandise available. I asked an employee why they didn't have any and the answer was "Mr. Agganis did not allow us to order any merchandise of any kind until further notice, including playoff shirts" The belief here is that Mike Agganis is afraid that he wouldn't make a profit off of the shirts, hats and other merchandise. Any business owner will tell you that you have to spend a little money to make money. I probably would have bought at least 5 of them for my family and friends and all of the employees would have bought one and a lot of other fans. No one told Agganis he had to order 2,000 of these shirts. I guarentee you 500 shirts would have sold out very quickly and Agganis would have netted a profit. I am personally offended by the fact that the Aeros have gone south with promotions and quality merchandise. Cutbacks are everywhere from no commerative t-shirts to only a handful of ushers working for the playoffs. Are playoff crowds more behaved and the duties of an usher are automatically not needed in a playoff game? It is ridiculous he treats his die hard fans like casual, second rate fans.

- Adam

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