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Chuck Full of Stolen Bases

By sstorm Published: May 5, 2007

The Aeros media guide doesn't keep a record for the most stolen bases the Aeros have ever had collectively in a game, but here's betting the team set a new record with SEVEN stolen bases in a game last week against visiting Harrisburg.

Not pleased with how uninspired and flat his the team played in a doubleheader sweep at the hands of Harrisburg the previous day, Bogar kept the Areos players on their toes by insisting they run in several different situations Thursday night.

The result was not only a more inspired team, but a win, as well. With manager Tim Bogar back this season for his second year - Aeros fans can expect to see a lot of that this year.

"We played like we'd been stuck in the mud,'' Bogar said. "We're out there just going base to base, station to station and we lost our agressiveness. We didn't even attempt one stolen base in the double header.''

That's not the Aeros game, not with Bogar in charge. But every once in a while a manager needs to remind his team what works.

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