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Crowe getting Back on Track

By sstorm Published: April 28, 2007

If the last two days are any indication, Trevor Crowe is getting back to his old self.

That is not only good news for the Aeros, but for the Indians as well. Their No. 1 pick (14th overall) in the 2005 draft has had the Indians brass so worried, they dispatched a handful of instructors to Akron to talk/work/coach/cajole Crowe from the funk that had him hitting .154 through the team's first 14 games of the season.

I said a few days into the season something was wrong with Crowe, and a handful of bloggers on this site suggested I was jumping to conclusions. Turns out I wasn't the only one concerned with Crowe's lack of hitting, stolen bases and all-around energy.

Instructors have been working with Crowe on subjects ranging from his hitting (he's being overaggressive at the plate and not taking his usual laid-back approach that produces walks - which is crucial for a leadoff hitter), to his fielding, his base running and yes, even his mental state.

In fact, it is the later that many feel is the crux of Crowe's problems so far this season. For more on this, please read my story on Crowe in Sunday's Beacon Journal.

Basically, Crowe's been so wrapped up in looking to get to Cleveland, he's forgotten he needs to get a passing grade at Double-A and Triple-A first. Then once he started slow, he began pressing and that took him out of his comfort zone and only compounded the issue.

The good news is that deep down, Crowe's a good kid. He's taken the constructive criticism and made changes that have shown at the plate and on the base paths in the last two games. He's not the type to brood and get down, but instead dig deep and work harder.

As one Indians official suggested Saturday, Crowe's going to face adversity some time in his career, he might as well get it out of the way now.

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