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Cleveland Indians

Gimenez gone to Buffalo, Toregas returns to Akron

By sstorm Published: June 24, 2008

Batting a mere .219 through 50 games, Wyatt Toregas was well aware of the fact that he was scuffling at the plate.

But he'd only been in Buffalo for two months. Certainly, the Indians up-and-coming catching prospect would be given more time to try and find his way in his first exposure at the Triple-A level.

Under normal circumstances, he probably would have.

But while Toregas struggled, Aeros catcher Chris Gimenez was having more than a "normal" first half in Akron. In fact, calling Gimenez's start "phenomenal" is no stretch considering he'd increased his batting average to .339 with an Eastern League-leading .487 on-base percentage 52 walks when he was called up to Buffalo last week to swap places with his former mentor Toregas.

"G did what he had to do and the organization has to make decisions,'' Toregas said. "I wasn't producing offensively like G was, and right now the Indians are in need of a bat. In understand that.''

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