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Cleveland Indians

Lee Does More Than Help Aeros to Win

By sstorm Published: April 27, 2007

Indians left-hander Cliff Lee graced the mound for the Aeros Friday night and did more than help them to a 5-1 win.

As is common when major leaguers make rehab starts in the minors, Lee figured he'd buy the team a nice post-game spread (meal). Sometimes the big leaguers will spring for a restaurant like Outback or Damons to cater the meal - just something to give the minor leaguers a break from the same old lockeroom food.

Then Lee got a better idea. A few of the players and team officials have been wearing these new cool black pull overs with a little Aeros logo in the middle just under the neck. They look really nice, but at $50 a pop, they're not exactly in the budget of a typical minor leaguer.

With the help of the Aeros clubhouse manager, Lee got everyone's size and ordered 26 pullovers for the guys. Even with a discount, the bill was a nice chunk of change. Still, talk about one cool parting gift!

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