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Cleveland Indians

Lowe breaks string of bad pitching performances

By Sheldon Published: March 14, 2012

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.: For the most part, Indians starting pitchers have been prime underachievers this spring. Not so today, when Derek Lowe delivered four strong innings, as the Tribe and Giants tied 2-2 in 10 innings.

Using only 42 pitches, Lowe gave up one run, two hits and a walk, the Giants scoring in the first inning without benefit of a hit.

""I think all the runs off me this spring started with walks,'' Lowe said.  ""They don't do anybody any good.''

Giants leadoff hitter Gregor Blanco started the first inning with a walk, advanced two bases on a routine ground ball and scored on Pablo Sandoval's bouncer to short.

""In my first three games, I didn't throw a cutter,'' Lowe said. ""I added my fourth pitch today and got three outs with it. That's pretty good for a fourth pitch.''

But Lowe's primary weapon is a sinker that induces batters to beat the ball into the dirt. He retired five batters on ground balls and four more on infield pop flies.

""Without my sinker, I'd be working at McDonald's supersizing your value meal,'' he said.


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