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By sstorm Published: May 28, 2007

A common theme among reader emails recently has been - beleive it or not - about the bright pink backpack the relievers tote out to the bullpen before every game. And yes, it does indeed have wings.

Why do they it? Honestly, because they're boys. Boys, with a lot of time on their hands.

You see, every bullpen needs to be stocked with enough gum and sunflower seeds to make it through a long game - espeically when it goes into extra innings. Thus, the backback is stocked with the goodies and lugged out to the bullpen by a different player before each game. That's a lot easier than having to run back and forth to the dugout to get fresh supplies. Saves the legs, you know?

Why didn't they pick out say a nice, green camouflage G.I. Joe backpack? I don't know. Maybe they figured it would blend in too much. The pink one with fairy wings not only stands out, it gets them lots of attention, to boot.

Another email came from a concerned fan regarding the status of Erie catcher Steve Torrealba. In Friday night's game he was hit in the face by a splintered bat. It looked pretty bad, with a piece of the bat coming straight down into his face as he looked up towards the night sky for the ball. Believe it or not, Torealba only suffered a spilt lip and was back in action by Monday.

Candace emailed Monday concerned about third baseman Pat Osborn. Number One - was he alright after getting hit in the left elbow by a pitch Sunday?

Yes, Pat is O.K. He's wearing a wrap on it and will be out for a few days, but has yet to be placed on the DL, which makes me think it can't be too bad.

Number Two - What's been wrong with him lately? He just hasn't seemed like himself in letting too many balls go by him without much of an effort.

I agee with Candace. I can't quite put my finger on it. But Pat has seemed rather lackluster out there. I don't think there's anything physically wrong with him. He just doesn't seem to have the range anymore you want out of a third baseman.

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