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By sstorm Published: June 6, 2007

Larry wrote wondering about how high the ceiling is for shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera. He figures the Tribe must be getting a little worried about third-base prospect Andy Marte (now at Buffalo). minors and how far Cabrera needs to go before he's MLB ready. It seems like he's surpassed expectations every step of the way, so far.

It's a very relevant question right now as many of us baseball folks have been talking about the same thing a lot lately.

A lot of us really like Cabrera - his defense and his offense. He clearly doesn't belong at the Double-A level. As for his ceiling - yes, I think he could be an every day major leaguer. In the near future I could see him at short for the Tribe and Peralta at third (where I think he profiles better, anyway).

Of course, that means the Tribe deep thinkers will have to get over Marte, and reality says they won't make that move quickly - they never do.

Charlie wants to know whether Franklin Gutierrez stick with the Indians and what that means for another outfield prospect in Ben Francisco. Lastly, he wondered if pitcher Fausto Carmona will be the Tribe's #2 starter by the end of the year.

The Tribe is so loaded in the outfield, I've thought the last two years that they'd try to trade Gutierrez. Maybe it'll happen this season with them needing more bullpen help. Gutierrez came to the Indians from LA in the Milton Bradley deal with plenty of tools, but has always struggled hitting off speed stuff. He was hitting much better this season at Buffalo, making me think he's rectified that enough to be able to bring him to Cleveland to showcase for trade possibilities.

I like Francisco. He's as good of a guy as you'll ever meet. I think he could be the fourth outfielder on some big league teams - it just isn't going to happen with the Tribe.

As for Carmona, it sure looks like he's finally figured it out. His "stuff" was never questioned, so it's good to see the mental side has cacught up with his physical abilities. If not this year, I can see him as a No. 2 next.

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