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Cleveland Indians

Manny Acta on Bob Feller

By sstorm Published: March 31, 2011

Second-year Indians manager Manny Acta summed up the life of former Indians pitching great Bob Feller rather poignantly when he adressed the media Thursday before the Indians workout prior to Friday's season-opener against the Chicago White Sox.

"It's too bad that a big majority of the young people in our country don't know what Bob Feller actually meant to America and to baseball," Acta said after attending Feller's public memorial service earlier in the day. "Bob Feller gave his life, his soul to the Cleveland Indians, Major League baseball and most importantly, to America. I don't know how many athletes in any sport - you name it - at 23 years of age would volunteer to go right now to Afghanistan for four years in the middle of their prime."

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