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Manny being...suspended

By jcfortun Published: May 7, 2009

Recently Los Angles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez spoke returning to Cleveland where his career began. Now a days he will have plenty of time to at least visit. 

Major League Baseball slapped Ramirez with a 50-game suspension today for violating its drug policy. Before everyone jumps to conclusions and places a needle in ManRam's gluteus, it should be noted that it isn't necessarily a performance enhancing drug he tested positive for. 

But the bottom line is he did test positive for something on the banned substance list. Something that is deemed worthy enough to miss a third of the season for.

The Dodgers, who already survived the ManRam free agent circus during the offseason, have to be thrilled to lose their $25 million dollar man. Especially after dumping outfielder Delwyn Young to the Pittsburgh Pirates last month for virtually nothing.

As I surf around the internet I am already finding a lot of people persecuting Ramirez for taking performance enhancing drugs.

The Orange County Register has a photo timeline up asking if you can see the change in ManRam's body over his career. 

New York Yankees beat writer Peter Abraham says that Red Sox fans have no right to chant "Steroids" at Alex Rodriguez now, calling it the ultimate hypocrisy. 

Abraham even attaches David Ortiz's power outage this season to possible steroid usage.

Come on people. As of right now ManRam violated the drug abuse policy, thats not taking performance enhancing drugs. He says it was a prescription for a personal health issue and ESPN is reporting it was a women's fertility drug he tested positive for. 

While it seems like everyone uses the doctors excuse for steroids, ManRam hasn't officially been suspended for "performance enhancing drugs" yet.

To put him in the same group as A-Rod already is a bit ridiculous. With Rodriguez there was a burden of proof already established that forced A-Rod to  admit to taking steroids. 

A-Rod is?/was a steroid user.
ManRam violated the league's drug policy. 

So far Manny has no odd cousin buying juice on the streets of the Dominican that we know of. No clubbie has been reported tossing ManRam tubes of "the clear" in a dark corner of the locker room. 

Chances are Manny probably did use performance enhancing drugs. But without much evidence to support the cause, shouldn't he be given some type of benefit of the doubt?

until we know exactly what was in ManRam's system and the possible reasons for it being there it's hard to accuse him of anything other than violating the MLB drug policy.

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