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Cleveland Indians

Manny fever hits Progressive Field

By Sheldon Published: August 30, 2010

CLEVELAND: Manny Ramirez won't arrive here to join the White Sox until Tuesday, but Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen was hit with an avalanche of questions about the former Indians/Red Sox/Dodgers outfielder.

When Los Angeles put Ramirez on waivers last week, the Sox put in a claim and the Dodgers let him go without receiving compensation. However, Chicago is responsible for what is left of Ramirez's 2010 salary, $3.825 million. After Ramirez left Cleveland by way of free agency following the 2000 season, he became the bad boy of baseball, leaving Boston on bad terms and getting thrown out by an uimpire for arguing balls and strikes in his last game with the Dodgers Sunday.

Guillen said he isn't worried that Ramirez will cause problems for his team.

""The only thing that will happen, I think, is that he will help us,'' he said this afternoon. ""You hear all these rumors, crazy things. But they (front office) asked me three weeks ago about him. I'm just going to wait for him to show up and help us get going and hope he stays healthy. Everything else should be fine.''

Guillen does not believe that Ramirez will be a negative force in the clubhouse.

""I don't understand all that talk about Manny being a bad guy, being bad in the clubhouse,'' the manager said. ""Manny being Manny is just Manny being real. He's a very popular player. People will follow him around. That gets old (for him). I think that's why people have a bad image of him.''

That said, Guillen isn't sure that Ramirez will play Turedsday night.

""If he gets here when he's supposed to, he not going to play,'' Guillien said. ""His plane is not scheduled to be here until 6 a.m. But we'll see how he feels after that long flight.''

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