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Cleveland Indians

Morning roundup

By jcfortun Published: March 22, 2009

Two more weeks.

Tow more weeks until this everlasting spring training comes to an end and the Indians take the field for real.

Not that it hasn't been interesting, but I am just anxious for the season to start.

The bullpen battle has been interesting so far and's Anthony Castrovince writes that Vinnie Chulk could fill a spot out there.

He's taken that command into the Cactus League season, where he is competing in -- and possibly leading -- the fight for the Indians' last bullpen spot. Little has gone to plan with regard to that spot, and Chulk is in a position to take advantage.

Prospect Adam Miller was supposed to be the favorite for the job, but now he's facing the prospect of season-ending and career-threatening surgery on his right middle finger. The hard-throwing Ed Mujica is out of Minor League options, but, pressing to make the club, his spring was thrown off-track by some early stumbles in the Cactus League season.

He did say the competition is wide open though.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Paul Hoynes also talked about the bullpen in his question and answer today.

Hey, Hoynsie: I love the moves that the Tribe has made and I remain hopeful for a good year, but my concern is a long man out of the pen. None of the guys that are "supposed" to make the pen seem like they could fill in for five innings if a starter goes down. Any thoughts? -- Eric Penkal, Delaware.

Hey, Eric: The Indians aren't big on having a true long man. They think it's a waste of space.

They'd rather have guys who can go two or three innings at a pop. That way Wedge can mix and match if a starter does get knocked out early. If reinforcements are needed the next day, they're only a phone call away at Class AAA Columbus.

Then again, if Zach Jackson doesn't make the rotation, he'd be the ideal long man. He could go one or two innings, but he's also stretched out enough to go four.

Sheldon Ocker had a few random thoughts about the upcoming season today.

Will Hafner bounce back?
Do the Indians have serious interest in Pedro?

My personal opinion: NO and NO.

Hafner has shown no signs of recovering, not to mention his off season shoulder surgery showed no signs of structural damage.

Pedro on the other hand could vastly upgrade this pitching staff, but isn't worth his price tag. At his age of 37, at this period in spring training and in this economy Pedro will not get the $5 million he is asking for.

Does the blog world want Pedro to come to Cleveland?

Sheldon has some other intriguing thoughts on prospect Beau Mills and the 2012 lineup as well. check it out.

And finally, Casey Blake returned yesterday in a Dodgers uniform.


Contract talks between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and pitcher John Lackey have stalled, according to the LA times.

"They're not trying very hard," Lackey said Friday. "It's kind of on them at this point. I love playing here and I'd like to stay, but I've put myself into a category that they need to get to."

What exactly is Lackey looking for? Well, CC Sabathia type money: 161 million, over seven years.

And the Yankees skew the economic market by outbidding themselves once again.

And speaking of skewing the economic slate, Scott Boras is up to his usual tricks. Top collegiate pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who is represented by Boras, could be asking for a six-year, 50 million deal if he is selected first overall in the draft, according to Peter Gammons.

Here is a link to the MLBtraderumors post about it. Maybe I am cheap, or maybe i just don't care much for ESPN, but I am not going to pay for their "Insider," when I will get more from reading team beat writers anyway.

Plus it makes its way on the internet regardless.

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