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Cleveland Indians

Nunnally knows the Tribe

By sstorm Published: February 16, 2010

Having spent the last few months coaching in Venezuela where he led Caracas to a pennant, new Indians hitting coach Jon Nunnally took time out of his busy schedule before heading to spring training to talk with Tribe reporters about some of the organization's hitters he worked with last season while serving as the hitting coach at Triple-A Columbus.

Nunnally on 3B/1B Andy Marte"
"Andy Marte is a powerful hitter. There's still some adjustments and things he has to make in terms of going the other way, which is staying on his leg a little more. He tends to come up and out of the zone with his swing a litle bit, gets a little pull conscious. (His stunning transformation) could have been just the right time, the right sitaution where he was willing and put up the effort."

Nunnally on Tribe DH Travis Hafner:
"I think Hafner's gonna be fine. When he came down to Triple-A las year, his shoulder was still tired, it wasn't that long after surgery. The shoulder just wasn't strong enough yet. It takes awhile. Me being injured myself as a player, it sometimes takes a little bit longer to get your strength back, the feel back."

"Hafner came in and I tried to help him make a couple little adjustments to help him with the shoulder issue he had. I told him to try to put the elbow a little closer to his body so he can it stable so the shoulder wouldn't bother him as much."

"This off season he's been working out hard, he's ready to go, he says he feels strong and I see big things for him."

Nunnally on 1B/OF Jordan Brown, whom Nunnally tutored as both the batting coach Columbus and in Caracas, Venezuela, this winter.

"He's a really good hitter and he's made strides on his defense, as well. He uses the whole field, he's pretty smart, discilplined, the kid's just a really good hitter."

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