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Cleveland Indians

Report: Hernandez's salary cut

By Sheldon Published: March 14, 2012

SCOTTSDALE: General Manager Chris Antonetti said he ""couldn't elaborate'' on a report by Jon Heyman of CBS that the Tribe has restructured the contract of Roberto Hernandez (the former Fausto Carmona) and eliminated one of the two options seasons.

Hernandez has been stuck in the Dominican Republic after Dominican and U.S. officials learned his father had purchased the identity of another person when Hernandez was a teenager. The new identity made Hernandez three years younger.

Earlier this week, Hernandez was cleared of charges by Dominican authorities, but he still must convince U.S. officials to give him a work permit to enter the United States.

He is currentnly on the Indians' restricted list, which he means does not count against the 25- or 40-man roster and does not have to be paid until he shows up in this country. So far, Hernandez hasn't lost any salary, because players are paid only during the regular season. Until the restructuring, Hernandez's contract was worth $7 million.


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