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Cleveland Indians

Sizemore bares most

By jcfortun Published: November 30, 2009

Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore has been all over the internet recently and not in a way the Indians, or Major League Baseball, would prefer.

Sizemore is the latest celebrity to have nude, or in his case semi-nude, photos to appear online.

The incident forced the Indians to release this statement this morning:

“We fully support Grady as he deals with this personal matter.  The posted photos were stolen from his girlfriend's email account and a legal investigation is underway."

Personally, i don't know if  "stolen" is the right word for this situation. I am reminded of  The Office episode where Michael Scott tries to send topless photos of Jan Levinson-Gould to his good buddy, Todd Packer, and sends the photos, in mass e-mail, to packaging instead.

Who really knows what happened when Sizemore -- doing his best Austin Powers impersonation with a well-placed tea cup -- tried to send the racy photos to Playmate girlfriend Brittany Binger, but does it even matter?

Sizemore will try to pursue A "legal investigation," but that sounds like a public relations statement to paint him as a victim of circumstance. Besides, if it is a hacked e-mail (like they are saying it is) that leaves billions of suspects.

The bottom line is if you take these types of photos of yourself, whether a celebrity or not, there is a high probability the photos will end up on the internet for all to see.

Sizemore needs to look in the mirror, without a camera and a teacup, to find the real person at fault here.

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