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Sizemore ""on course'' with rehab

By Sheldon Ocker Published: May 8, 2012
   CLEVELAND: Grady Sizemore was spotted by reporters in the clubhouse for the first time in a long time today.
   What they wanted to know is whether he will be back in the lineup in early June, shortly after he is eligible to come off the disabled list.
   “”I’m doing everything,’’ Sizemore said. “”I’m doing some baseball stuff, some strength stuff and some running.’’
   His work with the bat consists of taking swings off a tee. But next mid-week he is scheduled to begin soft toss hitting drills and maybe a few days after that, he will start taking live batting practice.
   “”I’m on course with everything,’’ he said. “”There have been no setbacks.’’
    Sizemore has not been given a timetable for his return.
   “”I don’t think they even know yet,’’ he said, referring to the training staff and front office. “”I’m still shooting for some time early in June.’’
   That is not out of line with projections of 8-12 weeks made after he underwent corrective surgery.
   Sizemore was rehabbing his knee when he sustained an injury to his back that required surgery in spring training.

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