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Some Random Thoughts

By sstorm Published: June 22, 2007

* Can you believe Randy Newsom is 7-for-7 in save opportunities? Truthfully, I can. He is one special kid, and I don't mean baseball-wise. Heck, he probably has the least real "baseball" talent of any of the Aeros, but is such a superior human being. His sharp mental state and fun-loving way of looking at the game more than makes up for anything he lacks in skills. I am glad to see a non-drafted kid getting a legimate shot.

* Before talking to reporters after earning his first win as a astarting pitcher at Akron this season on Thursday, Jake Dittler took a minute to retrieve his new baby from his wife to show around the lockerroom. The look on his face as showed off little Andrew was precious. What do you want to bet becoming a father goes a long way in helping Dittler "grow up" on the mound? He's always had decent stuff, it's just been a matter of maturely handling himself on the mound and not letting his emotions get the best of him.

* I've always liked catcher Armando Camacaro. But that's always been because he always has a smile on his face - win or loss, having played - or as he does most of the time, whether just sitting the bench. With all the moves at the catching position since Javier Herrera was traded, Camacaro has had a chance to play and show off what he can do. In his first game of the year (two months into the season), he hit a home run and had a career-night in RBI. Yesterday, he tagged out a pair of runners at the plate on throws to the plate. Odds are he'll become the odd man out again now that starter Wyatt Toregas is healthy, but here's hoping we still get to see a little of Camcaro here and there.

* Lastly, it doesn't take a baseball purist to see that injury-magnet first baseman Michael Aubrey is probably hurt again. Aubrey's only been with the Aeros two weeks, and already he's hobbling around so much, it's a liability to put him on the bases in a close game. Recently, he's had Sunday, Monday and now Thursday off to help his sore legs/back - whatever it is this time. Aubrey has always been a professional guy to deal with, but he has got to find a way to stay healthy and play. There's no doubt in my mind the Indians patience is wearing thin.

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