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Cleveland Indians

Aeros 2007 Season in Review

By sstorm Published: September 23, 2007

Expectations for the Aeros have been running high the past few years.

That's what happens when the Indians' Double-A team reaches the Eastern League Championship Series four times in five years, claiming a pair of titles in 2003 and 2005.

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Cheap on Shirts, but New Grass Coming

By sstorm Published: September 20, 2007

I received this angry email from Adam this week and it got me thinking: How do fans feel about the team's ownership? Take a look at what got Adam all ruffled up and let me know if any of you have similiar or different views. Personally, I hesitate to gripe too much at this moment when the team is in the midst of putting a new field in the stadium.

Anyway, take a look:

It is an absolute joke that the Aeros did not have any playoff t-shirts or Southern Division Championship merchandise available. I asked an employee why they didn't have any and the answer was "Mr. Agganis did not allow us to order any merchandise of any kind until further notice, including playoff shirts" The belief here is that Mike Agganis is afraid that he wouldn't make a profit off of the shirts, hats and other merchandise. Any business owner will tell you that you have to spend a little money to make money. I probably would have bought at least 5 of them for my family and friends and all of the employees would have bought one and a lot of other fans. No one told Agganis he had to order 2,000 of these shirts. I guarentee you 500 shirts would have sold out very quickly and Agganis would have netted a profit. I am personally offended by the fact that the Aeros have gone south with promotions and quality merchandise. Cutbacks are everywhere from no commerative t-shirts to only a handful of ushers working for the playoffs. Are playoff crowds more behaved and the duties of an usher are automatically not needed in a playoff game? It is ridiculous he treats his die hard fans like casual, second rate fans.

- Adam

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Anyone got a Handle on this team?

By sstorm Published: September 15, 2007

I'm asked a lot to give my opinion on the Aeros - the questions often coming from my boss to the guy at the grocery store.

How good are they, really?

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Aeros Go Down 2-0 in Trenton on Controversial Play at the Plate

By sstorm Published: September 12, 2007

With travel making this trip interesting to say the least - here's an early look at the story that will run in the Beacon Thursday.

TRENTON, N.J. - Wyatt Toregas lay on the trainers table clutching his stomach, his face twisted in pain, a half-empty plastic bottle of grape Pedialyte sitting next to him.

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Aeros Advance to Championship Series, but Give Erie its Due

By sstorm Published: September 8, 2007

After practically crawling into the playoffs, the Aeros have come up with one heck of a turnaround the last two weeks in finshing the last week of the regular season strong and now knocking off Southern-Divison winner Erie 3 games to 1 with an 8-6 win Saturday night at Canal Park.

The Aeros overcame a rough start by starter Bobby Brownlie and a pair of early errors, using three home runs - including a pair of two-run shots by Michael Aubrey - to charge back for the win.

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Scott Lewis Update, Rotation Set

By sstorm Published: September 7, 2007

A few of you have mentioned Scott Lewis in recent posts, so I wanted to clear some things up.

According to the Indians, Lewis is not hurt per say. After his last start in the regular season he mentioned some tingling and numbness in his left pitching arm, so the Indians brass just decided to play it safe and shut him down.

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Aeros Starters Getting Pounded

By sstorm Published: September 6, 2007

Considering the Aeros only knew who their first two starting pitchers were heading into the Eastern League Southern Division Playoffs, the team could be in some serious trouble. In chosing Chuck Lofgren and Jake Dittler to start the first two games, the Aeros were basically saying these are our best two guys right now.

But Lofgren gave up four runs on seven hits in five innings Wednesday, and Dittler really blew it by allowing NINE earned runs on eight hits and five walks tonight.

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Sowers Controversy Brewing

By sstorm Published: September 5, 2007

They called it a farce. They called it cheating. They called it an injustice in minor league baseball.

But no matter how Erie fans and officials see it, it appears Jeremy Sowers will be pitching for the Aeros come Game Three of the Eastern League Southern Division Playoffs when the series shifts to Akron Friday.

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End of the Season is Getting Interesting

By sstorm Published: September 3, 2007

After crawling through practically the second half of the season, the Aeros have really made this last week of the regular season more than interesting. Since embarking on the final regular-season and five-game road trip in Binghamton, the team has won the first four games and presently own a six-game winning streak.

In winning the last two games of a four-game set at home last week versus Bowie (which was hot on the Aeros heels in a battle for the wild card spot in the division), the Aeros cliniched the division runner-up spot and appeared all but willing to hand Erie the Southern Division title with the SeaWolves owning a four-game lead with a week to go.

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