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Cleveland Indians

Transcript of Terry Francona's press conference following the Indians' 3-1 loss to Chicago on Sunday

By Ryan Lewis Published: April 14, 2013


Here's what Indians manager Terry Francona had to say after the Tribe fell to the White Sox 3-1 on Sunday afternoon. 

Q: How encouraged were you with Brett’s performance today?
A: He threw the ball really well. That’s the guy that you’re looking for. Pitching to contact, spotting the fastball and pitching off of that. Keeping guys off balance. Taking some off, adding some, going in, up, down. That was good.

Q: Was today settling for him?
A: I think for anybody, sure. It’s easy to tell somebody to have confidence. But once you do it and you feel good about yourself, the idea then is to grow off of that and continue to do that. But yeah, I’m sure it helped. It should, he threw the ball really well.

Q: All those things were mentioned, is that what was missing his first two starts?
A: Again, for him it’s always gonna be locating his fastball. But off of that, he threw some cutters in to the lefties, he can throw the breaking ball, throw the change-up. But for most pitchers, Brett included, it starts with your fastball.

Q: How is Bourn?
A: His right index finger, it got a slash, like a flap of skin, they had to put some stitches in—I don’t know how many. He’s gonna evaluated right now.

Q: Was he stepped on?
A: I think he got a spike. You guys probably have a way better view than I do.

Q: Do you prefer if your guys don’t slide into first?
A: No, I think you play the game. I knew that was gonna get asked. I think guys re competing. You don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but he’s doing his best to get to first. Same token if you tell a guy not to slide into first, why would you tell him to slide into second. Nobody asks why you wouldn’t slide into second head first. Sometimes when you’re trying to beat a pitcher, that’s the best way to get to a bag.

Q: What made Jake Peavy so good today?
A: Oh man, a lot of things. First of all, he controls the running game. Holds the ball, he’s quick when he needs to be. He throws a two-seamer to the lefties, front door, when he opens up the plate. Bourn kinda ambushed him the first pitch of the game and after that, we didn’t have very many opportunities to score until late. Just a really good veteran pitcher

Q: Gomes OK?
A: It hurt. But other than that, he hit it pretty hard off his foot.

Q: Was there a lot of encouragement going on with Myers?
A: No, he’s a veteran guy. I don’t need to go out there and talk to him about mechanics and things like that. Again, it starts with locating his fastball. When he does that, other things fall into place.

Q: Were you concerned after his first two outings?
A: When you say concerned, I’m supposed to be concerned about everything. But I believe in him. I thought he needed to do some things better and he showed that today. I think it’s too easy—you get asked these questions, and we don’t want to run from our guys, we want to help them get better.

Q: How big was starting pitching this series?
A: It gave us a chance to win all three games. That’s a good way to play. We didn’t do much offensively, but because our guys pitched we had a chance to win. Jason Giambi’ sup there and we feel like we have a chance to tie the game. When you get consistent starting pitching, that’s when your ballclub looks crisp.

Q: Having memories with the Boston series coming up?
A: Not yet. I will when I go in there and start looking at the matchups. To be honest, I’m an Indian, and I’m aware of the questions and everything and I have a lot of great memories. I don’t think it’s fair to the players. This game’s hard enough to play, they don’t need to be worrying about me having nostalgia week. We just need to try to beat them.

Q: For a while, Bourn’s home run, it looked like that might hold up.
A: Well it almost had to, the way Peavy was pitching. You never want to just stay put. The idea is to score first, and then score next. That’s a good formula for winning. Bourn kinda ambushed him on the first pitch and after that, he pitched a whale of the game.

Q: Carlos Santana OK?
A: It was always easier for him to hit left hand. That was the thing that came first. But he should be good to go. 

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