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Cleveland Indians

Tribe closer Chris Perez lashes out at Indians fans

By Stephanie Storm Published: May 19, 2012

Indians closer Chris Perez was mad.

So mad, he struck out the Marlins side in the ninth inning Saturday- leaving all three batters staring at called third strikes - all with just 10 pitches.

After the game - a 2-0 Indians victory - he told a small group of reporters what had him so fired up: fans booing him in his last outing for allowing base runners in Thursday's non-save situation against the Seattle Mariners.

"I’m tired of getting booed at home, so I figured I’d throw some strikes,”Perez said, then unleased a tirade against Tribe fans in which he went as far as to suggest that their lack of suport for the team was one of the reasons Carlos Beltran wasn't traded to Cleveland last season at the trading deadline.

Personally, I like Perez - a lot. He's a stand up guy, who took full blame for blowing the save in the home opener that led to a 16-inning loss. So what if he struggles to get the job done in non-save situations? He's a closer, so does it really matter?

But Perez is probably being a little over sensative here. 

Add to that the fact that his timing about the lack of fan support comes in the midst of a two-day stretch in which the crowds at Progressive Field have been over 29,000 Friday and Saturday, and his comments simply come at a bad time.

But before fans start going all crazy on Perez, they might want to consider that since the season-opening debacle, Perez owns 13 saves in 13 chances with a 1.72 ERA  with 15 strikeouts and just four walks.

Lets' face it, he's good at his job - save sitiuations. And now, we happen to know he can be at his best when he's really mad. I'm telling you, Tribe fans, there's a way to make this work for you!







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