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Cleveland Indians

Tribe draft selections from round 12 through 18

By sstorm Published: June 8, 2010

12th Round - 3B Tyler Cannon (6-1, 185), a senior from the University of Virginia

13th Round - RHP Michael Goodnight (6-4, 225), a sophomore from the University of Houston

14th Round - C Diego Seastrunk (5-8, 190), a senior from Rice University

15th Round - LHP Benjamin Holmes (6-1, 185), a prepster out of Clackamas HIgh School in Oregon

16th Round - RHP Cody Allen (6-1, 200), a junior out of St. Petersburg Junior College in Florida.

17th Round - LF Aaron Siliga (5-10, 180), a prepster out of Oceanside High School in California

18th Round - 1B Jonathan Burnette (6-2,195), a junior out of Virginia Tech University

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