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Tribe wraps up draft

By sstorm Published: June 9, 2010

Here are the final picks of the Indians since the last entry. Check back later for the final breakdown of players and comments from Tribe scouting director Brad Grant.

Round 37 -RF Theophilus Griffin (6-1, 192), a prepster from Martin Luther King High School in Georgia.

Round 38 - C Tyler Pearson (6-0, 185), a prepster from Monterey High School in Texas.

Round 39 -RHP Bobby Wahl (6-2), a prepster from West Springfield High School in Virginia.

Round 40 - CF Jordan Casas (5-11, 180), a junior from Cal State Long Beach.

Round 41 - RF Brian Heere (5-11, 170), a senior from Kansas University.

Round 42 - 2B Aaron Fields (6-0, 190), a senior from Wright State University.

Round 43 - SS Christopher Waylock (5-10, 171), a prepster from Cry-Grove High School.

Round 44 -LHP Brock Stassi (6-2, 190), a junior from the University of Nevada Reno.

Round 45 - RHP Frank DeJiulio (6-3, 185), a junior college player from Daytona Beach Community College.

Round 46 -RHP Justin Halery (6-5, 230), a junior from Sierra Junior College.

Round 47 -RHP Lucas Malloy (6-0, 185), a prepster from Alamo Heights High School in Texas.

Round 48 -LHP Christopher Bradford (5-9, 165), a prepster from Pace High School in Florida.

Round 49 -OF Marcus Bradley (5-9, 160), a junmior college player from Central Arizona College in Arizona.

Round 50 - LF Jenry Dunn (5-7, 185), a junior from Brigham Young University in New York.

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