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Cleveland Indians

Weathering the weather

By Sheldon Published: March 8, 2010

TUCSON, Ariz.: Maybe this will cheer the winter-weary citizens of Northeast Ohio.

As the game between the Indians and Diamondbacks began this afternoon, the temperature in Akron was 48 degrees and sunny. In Cleveland, it was 50 with sun. Tucson's temperature was 50 and overcast. Real overcast.

The grass was nice and warm, though, because the grounds crew had to put the tarp on about noon, as the rain that had mainly ended around 5 a.m. returned. But by the time the first pitch of the game was thrown, showers had stopped.

Back in Goodyear, Fausto Carmona threw two innings in an intrasquad game and allowed no runs. Matt LaPorta drove in three runs.

Want to buy a ballpark? By next spring, there will be no teams training in Tucson, where the Tribe held camp for 46 years through 1992.

The White Sox already have vacated the premises; the Diamondbacks and Rockies will head for a complex east of Scottsdale in 2011.

So what will the city fathers of Tucson do with Tucson Electric Park, home of the Diamondbacks, and Hy Corbett Field, the home of the Rockies and former home of the Tribe?

The city is trying to lure three Japanese league teams into holding training camp in Tucson next year. So far they have verbal commitments but nothing in writing. In addition, the Portland Beavers Triple-A franchise that operates in Portland, Ore., will have nowhere to play next year.

The club's ballpark is being transformed into a soccer stadium for an MSL expansion team. Negotiations are underway for a new ballpark, though even if successful, will leave the team without a ballpark for at least a year. Tucson has offered to play host to the Beavers.

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