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AK-Rowdies Bracket Challenge

By mrasor Published: March 15, 2009

Men's basketball
I'm starting an NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge of Facebook.
It is intended for AK-Rowdies, but even you "oldies" can join if you have a Facebook account. Here is the link. I will post the leaderboard directly on the blog, but you can check them on Facebook, too.

    Pat McManamon broke down Akron's seeding predictions on the various Web sites. The Zips are looking at a 13 seed, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the NCAA pull its normal shenanigans and give Akron something much worse. Potential matchups include Washington, Purdue, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Xavier, UCLA, Clemson, Florida State, Kansas, Wake Forest, Illinois and Missouri. I will blog more about it tonight once we know for sure.
    Here is Bill Livingston's column in the PD. He calls Humpty Hitchens the MAC's "next big thing."
    Unfortunately, I will be in Baton Rouge, La., for a Law Review conference during the first and second rounds. If I have an Internet connection, I will definitely blog.
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