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Akron beats Kent

By mrasor Published: March 4, 2006

Men's basketball

With eight minutes left in the first half, Akron trailed by six and its big men Romeo Travis and Matt Futch were in foul trouble, with three and two respectively. Outlook was grim.

The Zips went on a run to start the second half that led to a 75-67 victory today at Rhodes Arena.

A lot of Kent State fans showed up, but I've never been at a rowdier college basketball game than today's. That includes a few Ohio State basketball games during the Michael Redd era.

Darryl Peterson proved he should've been on the court more this season. He scored 22 and hit several key shots. Cedrick Middleton and the AK-Rowdies played a hell of a game, too. And in Travis' limited minutes (25), he played well too.

Jay Youngblood and DeAndre Haynes scored at least 20 each, with 20 and 21, respectively.

The game makes me harken back to a conversation I had with Rob Preston a few weeks back. We were just joking, then the topic of home-court advantage came up. With a straight face, he sternly said, "We don't lose at home." Now the Zips can say that with certainty, finishing the year 13-0 at Rhodes Arena.

Women's basketball

On the other hand, the women Zips were creamed in the first round of the MAC Tournament, 71-46.

I predicted Ball State would win by 20. And I was wrong. It was 25. Akron ends the year at 5-23.

Coach Kelly Kennedy, welcome to the hot seat. You have as much job security as Michael Brown after Hurricane Katrina.

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