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Akron-Bowling Green prediction

By mrasor Published: October 11, 2008

It is going to be a beautiful Autumn evening for some tailgating and football. (Cue the Monday Night Football theme.)

    Before we get to my prediction, here are some notes...
    The university finally addressed the Ryan Bain situation. What's interesting is this: Bain said the staff told him they would have allowed him to take the supplement if Bain sought their approval. Really? If that's true, there is a serious misinformation system going on at the NCAA.
    The Toledo Blade featured a well-written preview of the game. In it, Bowling Green coach Gregg Brandon says he cannot let Chris Jacquemain get comfortable in the pocket. (Read between the lines to understand that means he will blitz a lot with the MAC sack leader, Diyral Briggs.)
    The final odds: BG minus one. The over-under is 52.5.

Prediction -- I keep waiting for one of two things to happen with Akron's offense. Either it explodes with Jacquemain for a huge game, where I can solidify (in my mind) his worthiness as the starting quarterback OR it explodes with Jacquemain to the tune of multiple poorly thrown interceptions, which allows us to get a look at Matt Rodgers, whom I believe should have played at least a few series by now.
Well, it's Akron football. So I probably won't get what I want. What should we expect today, though? I think it will be a defensive duel. Bowling Green has a similar offense to Cincinnati. Akron bent a lot against the Bearcats, but rarely broke. I can see a lot of Bowling Green drives stalling around midfield.
Still, without a sustainable running game, it might be more than the Zips can muster. This is a game where Akron must rely on Jacquemain to move the ball (as opposed to relying on him not to mess up). If he can connect with Deryn Bowser and Andre Jones for early strikes, the Zips might pull away early. On the other hand, if Jacquemain plays like he did against Ball State or Kent State, Akron has no shot.
The X-factor in all of this is Andrew Johnson. If he is healthy, then the spread should be Akron minus four. I really think he matters THAT much to this equation. I am assuming we won't see him, though.
Another important factor is field-goal kicking. Igor Iveljic is good. Their kicker is 2-for-7 on the year. If the game is close, the ability to rely on your kicker makes a huge difference. I think this game will be close, but I don't see the Zips capitalizing on Homecoming Day. I have correctly predicted the winner of every Akron game so far, but this is the one about which I'm least certain.
Akron 20, Bowling Green 21
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