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Akron vs. Bowling Green - Running game notes

By mrasor Published: January 20, 2008

Men's basketball

    Keep refreshing your browser...
    If this game was on TV, there is no way I'd be here. The blistering below-zero wind walking up to the JAR was unbearable. I'm still wiping the tears out of my eyes. Oh yeah, and the Packers are going to the Super Bowl tonight.
    In other MAC action, Miami beat Buffalo, 64-57, in a poor shooting game.
    It's 20 minutes until gametime, but is a decent amount of people in the sideline bleachers. Oh, and Terry Pluto is here to write about the Zips for the PD. I don't believe I have seen the ABJ's columnist Patrick McManamon all season. (The paper did go Zips crazy on today's sports page, though.)
    Ronnie Steward is still in street clothes, along with Eric Coblentz. Steve Swiech is in uniform. You might have noticed Swiech's polite nature from his posts on He just walked up and greeted each of the referees.
    They put me directly at halfcourt on press row. It's definitely the best seat in the house. Of course, I'll miss out on the wisdom/sarcasm of Elton Alexander and analysis of Tom Gaffney.
    BG starting lineup: Nate Miller, Chris Knight, Joe Jakubowski, Marc Larson and Darryl Clements. Akron starting lineup: Cedrick Middleton, Nick Dials, Nate Linhart, Jimmy Conyers and Jeremiah Wood.
    Dials beat Jakubowski off the dribble on the first possession. Although the Zips wanted Jakubowski, he is no better than Steve McNees on defense.
    This would be a good game to run a series of plays for Conyers and get him comfortable on offense.
    Bowling Green is a possible first-round match-up in Cleveland.
    The Zips are tightening up on defense and not letting BG get into any set plays. Akron is also getting what it wants on offense. We might be looking at a real blowout.
    Miller has two fouls. The referees just did him a favor by calling him for a travel before he bowled into Middleton.
    Brett McKnight came off the bench to drill a 3. Darryl Roberts entered an grabbed a steal on a fast break. These guys know how to play.
    The teams traded five-point runs.
    For the first time I can remember, the McKnight brothers are on the floor at the same time. If you add Wood, Linhart and Dials to that mix, the Zips will grab a lot of rebounds.
    Middleton and Dials are scoreless. It's a sign of a good offense when you can blow out an opponent without getting a point from your top scoring guards.
    Brett McKnight might be the most versatile player on the team. He is coming off the court because he has two fouls. You probably won't see a lot of him when the opponent has a good post presence. He is still a defensive liability.
    You've seen the three-guard offense, but how about the three-point guard offense. Keith Dambrot has McNees, Roberts and Dials on the floor right now (along with Mike Bardo and Quade Milum).
    The Zips sprinted to the locker room on a high note: McNees finally converted an alley-oop -- to Milum. It was Milum's second dunk of the half. He has 12 points.
    Conyers picked up his third foul. He has a tough assignment in Miller, who has seven points. BG's Knight picked up his third foul, too.
    Middleton finally got in the books with a 3-pointer. I hate to draw a comparison to Dennis Kennedy, but both guys are really kind people, coming off nagging injuries. Both were expected to lead their teams. In Middleton's case, though, he's still injured and still contributing.
    That's Conyers' fourth foul. He's out and Linhart is guarding Miller.
    Quade converted his third dunk. That's 14 points. Add another layup for 16.
    This game has been pretty dull. Fans always want their team to win, but this isn't competitve on either end. Games like Ohio and Nevada (last season) keep the JAR filled.
    The AK-Rowdies fooled Jakuboski into heaving a 3-pointer two seconds prematurely as he still had time before the shot clock ran out. Good stuff.
    Milum has found his niche in college basketball. He can dominate a game when an unathletic player is guarding him. I don't have the stats with me, but you will be surprised.
    The AK-Rowdies reminded everyone that it's 8:30 and Kent State still sucks.
    Dials got in the scorebook with a 3-pointer. He has been playing good defense on Miller, who really should be posting him up to take advantage of the height and weight difference.
    I want to ask Dambrot about his rotation. He has played 11 the past couple weeks. He wanted a nine-man rotation. I wonder if he still feels that way, and if so, who loses playing time?
    Garbage time officially comes with 5:44 remaining. I don't know why Nick Goddard does not wear his jersey on the bench. He has to put it on before checking in. Also entering the game are Jeremy Sallee and Tim Carroll. It took Goddard about two seconds before jacking an off-balance 3. It was excusable because the shot clock was running out.
    It's smart to get the reserves in this early with Kent State looming Wednesday. Brett McKnight stayed on the floor. It's also good to let him be the center of the offense, because that might be a reality full-time next season.
    Goddard hit a fall-away NBA-range 3 with a hand in his face. It was the loudest the crowd got all night. That shot got Akron to 80 points, which gets every fan six free wings at Scorchers in the Valley.
    I'm not sticking around for post-game quotes. I will predict them for you... Dambrot: "Bowling Green is good, but I thought our guys worked hard." Milum: "I just made a lot of shots." BG's coach Louis Orr: "Akron is a heckuva team and very hard to play in this building, but I thought we could have played better."
    Final -- Akron 80, Bowling Green 44
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