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Akron vs. California - Soccer live updates

By mrasor Published: December 4, 2010

Men's soccer
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The winner of this game will play Michigan on Friday in the national semifinals. They beat Maryland 3-2 in double-overtime. North Carolina has also clinched a spot in the College Cup, as will the winner of Louisville vs. UCLA which starts at 7 tonight. Because the College Cup is in Santa Barbara, Calif., the games will be on Western Coast time. They will start at either 8:30 p.m. or 11 p.m.
I've got the Akron basketball game on in another internet window. You can do it, too. Click here for the video feed of Zips vs. UIC.
This new press box is quite nice. The structure underneath does not look too sturdy, but it's a warm, spacious area, conducive for media to get their work done.
Cal has a small rooting section by the Bears' bench. Maybe 20 people. Berkeley is about five hours away from Santa Barbara, so the Bears will probably expect more fans if the team advances to the College Cup.
Cal got the first scoring chance on a kick from about 18 yards that sailed high. Akron responded with a header from about five yards away. The UC goalkeeper grabbed it.
Midway through the first half, Akron and Cal have had equal opportunities and near-goals. The Zips have been crisper with their passes and made fewer mistakes in that regard.
Akron got a corner kick after a Cal player smoked the ball out of bounds, right at an AK-Rowdy.
Cal's Anthony Avalos scored on a lob pass from Ted Jones over the Zips' defense with 14:45 left in the first half. It is the first time Akron has trailed at home this year.
That's only Avalos' second goal this season. He found a way to sneak behind the entire Zips defense.
This is the seventh time Akron has trailed in any game, anywhere, since the beginning of last season.
The Zips tied it up on a Michael Nanchoff screamer from outside the box with 4:27 left in the first half.
The snow is picking up a little. I think the NCAA should move this game to Berkeley. You know, just to be safe.
One of the referees just walked off the field, delaying the game for a few minutes.
Just 27 seconds later, Akron took the lead. The Zips got big numbers charging down the pitch. Darlington Nagbe passed to Anthony Ampaipitawkong, who drew the defense and fed Scott Caldwell for an easy goal.
OK. Here is the unofficial word about the referee. The head referee and the linesman were alleged to be arguing. The linesman marched off the field, taking his flag. The game was delayed while the impromptu lineman searched for a backup flag. I can't vouch for this being 100 percent accurate, but it's some version of the truth. Only in soccer.
Halftime stats: Akron leads Cal in shots, nine to six, and shots on goal, five to two. Both teams have had four corner kicks. Cal has committed 11 fouls, compared to Akron's two.
Update on the referee drama: Caleb Porter was arguing nonstop with the guy who eventually split. Before leaving, the linesman told the head referee that, "Either he [Porter] is leaving, or I'm leaving." As a result, the linesman has left Lee Jackson Field, and he took his flag with him.
The basketball team is losing 32-20 at halftime against UIC. The Zips are 1-for-11 on 3-point attempts.
We are going to get an official explanation from what happened with this linesman after the game.
There hasn't been much activity in the first nine minutes of the second half.
No sooner I type that... Tony Salciccia scores Cal's second goal, tying the game. The goal was actually a product of a wonderful save by David Meves. He dove and stopped a speeding shot, and Salciccia quickly chipped the change into the back of the net.
Akron is 65-0-1 when the team scores two or more goals in Porter's tenure. The only tie was this year against Ohio State.
Since tying the game, Cal has better controlled the ball.
Servando Carrasco nearly scored on a bicycle kick. I have never seen one of those in person, but it was pretty cool.
If the Zips win tonight, they will feel pretty good about their semifinal game against Michigan, whom the Zips beat 7-1 on Oct. 19. Kofi Sarkodie had a hat trick.
The Zips, of course, have to win tonight. I'd say Cal has outplayed Akron in the first 20 minutes of the second half.
I'm done making observations... Perry Kitchen split the Cal defense with some nifty footwork and retook the lead for Akron with a 20-yard shot off the post. Akron leads 3-2 with 14:19 left.
Attendance is 3,442. The fans are getting behind the team, now that the victory is in sight. Less than 10 minutes separate Akron from its second-straight College Cup.
Brett McClanahan tied the basketball game with a late 3. Unfortunately, the video feed doesn't have a clock.
Cal retied the game with a close shot from John Fitzpatrick. He received a lob pass over everyone that could not have been placed any better. Only one minute left in the second half.
Akron nearly scored as the clock expired. We are going to a 10 minute overtime, and then another 10 minute overtime if necessary. We are all aware of the penalty kick procedure.
The basketball team ended up winning 54-52.
This is Cal's 11th overtime game this season. Akron has played in overtime twice.
Darren Mattocks nearly ended the game. His shot from straight-on in the box was wide right.
Mattocks had another close shot that the goalie appeared to block with his face. It's an injury timeout with 34 seconds left in overtime. Akron will have a corner kick once David Bingham recovers.
First overtime concluded without a winner. We have a two-minute break before trying it again.
Cal is stalling in setting up a goal kick. One can only conclude that the Bears are content to let penalty kicks determine the season.
Cal's goalie got a hand on a Nagbe shot that appeared destined to end the game. Akron got a corner kick out of it, which the goalie nabbed.
In an exciting, yet fruitless, series, Akron had two near-scores. Caldwell's shot was blocked. Ampaipitakwong's follow-up was blocked.
The game is going to penalty kicks, so there will be no official winner tonight. But someone is playing Michigan on Friday.
As you remember from last December, it's the best of five kicks. The teams alternate. That's pretty much it.
They're setting the kicks up for the side of the field opposite the AK-Rowdies. That helps Cal quite a bit.
1a) Hector Jimenez kicked first for Cal and missed wide left. 1b) Nanchoff's kick was blocked.
Akron 0, Cal 0
2a) A.J. Soares, a Hermann Trophy finalist, scored with a roller to the left. 2b) Kitchen went top-right shelf to tie it up.
Akron 1, Cal 1
3a) Carrasco aimed right at Meves' neck, and the Zips goalie stopped it. 3b) Zarek Valentin drilled the top-right corner of the net.
Akron 2, Cal 1
4a) Meves blocked another Cal shot from Davis Paul, the Bears' leading scorer. 4b) Caldwell missed wide left.
Akron 2, Cal 1
5a) Meves got a hand on Avalos' shot, but it still went in. 5b) Sarkodie has a potential game-winner to shoot. Bingham got a hand on the ball, but it still went in.
PK final tally: Akron 3, Cal 2.
The Zips will advance to the College Cup! The fans are going nuts. What an amazing game!
Akron will have a send-off party for the team on Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Stile Field House.
Akron matched the NCAA record for home unbeaten streak with 39 games.
Penalty Kicks - Akron 3, California 3. ZIPS ADVANCE

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