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Akron vs. Central Michigan - Running game notes

By mrasor Published: March 13, 2008

Men's basketball

    Keep refreshing your browser while you're stuck at your desk at work...
    I got my credential. We're ready to roll. The game is about 15 minutes behind.
    I am logged into a chatroom on if anyone wants to join.
    Akron starting lineup: Nick Dials, Cedrick Middleton, Nate Linhart, Chris McKnight and Jeremiah Wood.
    I was surprised to see how big of a hassle parking was.
    My backup plan in case the credential didn't come through: Keith Dambrot gave the owner of the Diamond Deli four seats in his suite. The Deli's owner is one of my good friends. That reminds me, I'm hungry.
    Wood got the game's first points with a dunk off a give-and-go. Middleton followed it with a 3.
    Wood has a mismatch against CMU's Marcus Van. Wood is much quicker.
    As you probably know by now, WMU beat EMU today, 70-61. David Kool scored 24, including 15 free throws. Shawntes Gary scored 14 and grabbed 11 rebounds.
    CMU has scored all its points on 3 pointers so far.
    Giordan Watson is applying strong pressure on Dials.
    Wood blocked two 3-point attempts from 6-foot-8 Chris Kellerman in a row.
    UA's sports information director Gregg Bach just told me about the College Basketball Invitational post-season tournament. It is brand new and run by the same people who put on the College Basketball Experience tournament that Akron participated in last year. Sixteen teams are invited. It is single elimination at all campus sites, until the finals, which is a three-game series at alternating team's locations.
    No update on Tim Carroll, but he is not with the team.
    The award for Shortest Neck in the MAC goes to ... Giordan Watson. No wonder he's only 5-10.
    Wood blocked another shot. That's three this half.
    There are five people in the Zips chat. Feel free to join if your boss isn't around. Some of them also are watching the game on
    Wood is playing an aggressive game. He's getting some rebounds that normally he wouldn't pursue. He's also making some brilliant passes. It's definitely a stat-stuffing game for him.
    The Q is a first-class facility, at least since Dan Gilbert took over. It does all the small things right.
    Linhart seems to be playing a little better. He really stunk the last few weeks. It was almost exactly when Middleton stopped being a waste of minutes.
    Wood just hit a 3-pointer. He is 4-of-6 in his career from behind the arc.
    As I suspected, Akron is pulling away. CMU lacks an identity on offense.
    Halftime stats of note: Wood leads all players with 10 points. He also has six rebounds, three blocks and two assists. Van leads all players with eight rebounds. Watson leads all players with three assists. He did not score in the first half. Akron shot 50 percent, compared to CMU's 36.7 percent. CMU cooled off from 3-point land. The Chips went 6-of-18. Akron had 24 points in the paint, compared to CMU's eight.
    Finally! There's a player who shares my body type in Division I basketball. CMU's Robbie Harman is generously listed at 5-11, 180.
    The AK-Rowdies have been quiet. They are sitting down, too. The crowd is typical of a MAC quarterfinal. It's very dense in a few areas and nearly vacant in the rest.
    The Chips just made a careless turnover. It looks like this game has gotten away from them.
    Bach said Ronnie Steward probably couldn't play now if Akron needed him (and there was no such thing as a redshirt). The rehabilitation on his hip was supposed to take four to six weeks. It will end up being four to six months.
    Brett McKnight is closing in on his career high of 11, which he set on Sunday.
    CMU went to a full-court press.
    Dambrot is resting all four of his seniors right now. Nevermind, Dials just checked in.
    The Chips will be in the double-bonus on Akron's foul.
    The starters are all back on the floor. I think Dambrot wants to pump the lead up to 25ish by the four-minute mark so he can rest the regulars.
    Linhart is playing a good game on both ends. He has scored at least 10 points in the past five minutes.
    I take back what I said about Brett McKnight. He already had his career high with 12. He's getting into it with Kellerman. The refs brought them together to cut down on the shoving.
    Nick Goddard and Jeremy Sallee entered the game.
    The floor at The Q is a completely different one than the Cavaliers used. Bach tells me it's possible the MAC bought it after it was used at an NCAA regional or Final Four and repainted it.
    Goddard got in the books with a 3.
    CMU called a timeout with a minute left, down 18. Maybe Ernie Zeigler can regroup the troops and lead them to six 3-pointers without giving up a point in return. Ugh. I hate it when coaches do this. What can he possibly be saying in that huddle?
    Sallee split a pair of free throws to get in the scorebook, too.
    Dambrot has Quade Milum on the floor in garbage time. No sight of Jimmy Conyers, though.
    CMU's Jeremy Allen just pulled a Chris Webber -- calling a timeout without having one to call. Goddard made the free throws. Serves you right for calling that B.S. timeout with a minute left, Zeigler.
    Wood won player of the game with 17 points, nine rebounds and three blocks.
    The moderators of ZipsNation will post the chat transcript later for those of you who are interested.
    Final score -- Akron 81, Central Michigan 60
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