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Akron vs. Kent - Preview

By mrasor Published: March 2, 2012

Men's basketball

I think there is a split between Zips fans about whether tonight's game against Kent State matters.

One camp (which likely includes Keith Dambrot) believes that the real goal is winning the MAC Tournament. So yeah, we want to win, just like we want to win against Central Michigan or Middle Tennessee State, but this game isn't special.

The other camp is thinking, "We can't lose three straight to enter the tourney! Also, it would be pretty cool to lock up an NIT bid and win the regular season championship in one fell swoop. Also, it's Kent freaking State!"

I fall in the latter camp. Akron will have a full week of rest following this game. The Zips should throw everything they have at Kent, who is a three-point favorite to win.

I will be liveblogging from the M.A.C. Center.

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