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Akron vs. Ohio - Running game notes

By mrasor Published: January 17, 2008

Men's basketball

    If you can't be here tonight, I'll try to give you some insight. Keep refreshing your browser throughout the game...
    Kent State is putting a whooping on Miami. It's 43-25 Flashes in the second half. With a Zips win, this is a two horse race for the East. Bowling Green is beating Buffalo at BG.
    Zippy will rappel from the ceiling in a few minutes to celebrate her win in the Capital One Mascot Challenge. I'll spare you the Owen Hart reference.
    Fan turnout looks pretty good with 10 minutes until gametime. The Rowdies in particular are well represented.
    Mack Rhoades thanked Eric Baker in particular for Zippy's championship. I didn't know he was responsible for getting her into the contest. In that case, you can give him a huge share of the credit.
    My torts professor would cringe at seeing Zippy being lowered down from the rafters with students underneath.
    Besides the top of the endzone bleachers, Rhodes Arena is pretty close to full.
    Eric Coblentz is sporting a mohawk. That shows me he clearly needed this season to redshirt and rethink some things. Ronnie Steward is in street clothes, too. It's time for him to concede this season if he hasn't already.
    Ohio starters: Michael Allen, Bubba Walther, Alan Hester, Jerome Tillman and Leon Williams. Akron starters: Cedrick Middleton, Nick Dials, Nate Linhart, Jimmy Conyers and Jeremiah Wood.
    Walther took Ohio's first shot, held his pose and bricked the crap out of it. That pleased the Rowdies. Hester drilled a 3 on the next time down the floor and Walther let out a girly tribal scream. One of the Rowdies has a giant poster of our front page tribute to Walther from last year. That makes me warm inside. I can't find it online, but Kiel Fleming designed it to show Walther with the serial-killer font saying "Face of a traitor."
    Separated at birth: Please compare Williams with Debo from the Friday movies.
    Ohio is playing tight perimeter defense. Knowing Tim O'Shea teams of the past, this won't last.
    Tillman has shown great touch on his hook shots. He has knocked down difficult ones with both hands so far.
    O'Shea has subbed Williams in and out at least three times. He doesn't have a foul either. Elton Alexander suggested it's probably a strategy to keep a fresh defender on Wood. Kenneth van Kempen takes the assignment on Wood when Williams is out.
    On cue, Dials drilled a 3 after the Rowdies started chanting "Bubba sucks." Steve McNees swished a 3 on the next trip. This game might be broken open before the half. I get that sense.
    Kent State finished off Miami in Mullet Arena, 76-62. Impressive win. My guess is Miami got another no-show from Michael Bramos.
    The refs finally called a foul on the perimeter. O'Shea even clapped. The Bobcats have clawed at Dials and McNees all half. The fans are not pleased.
    Cleveland State beat No. 12 Butler tonight at the Convocation Center.
    The fans at Rhodes Arena must have attended a cliche referee insults seminar or two.
    Williams just crashed into press row, sending soda flying over Tom Gaffney's laptop. It was pretty wild.
    I keep getting the feeling Akron is going to blow the game open. Credit the Bobcats for keeping up the defensive pressure and not allowing the Zips to run the fast break. Ohio's downfall might come if they start hoisting long 3s without getting into the offense.
    Darryl Roberts might be having his turn for a coming-out game. He has eight points and is to credit for solid ball pressure.
    Justin Orr has hit two 3 pointers for Ohio to keep it close. He has been wide open both times. The Bobcats are on a 9-2 run.
    Middleton has been limping and hasn't played as much as usual tonight.
    The JAR is really, really loud. All the sudden, fans realized the Zips might lose and the place got nuts.
    McNees is getting a lot of minutes tonight. He seems to be the only ball handler Keith Dambrot trusts against Ohio's press.
    Dials needs to get the ball in these last possessions. He is the most capable slasher, passer and shooter. For the love of basketball, I don't want to see Conyers or Linhart slashing.
    Walther stepped in front of a Dials pass to snag a key steal. Ohio has the ball and the lead. This is a huge possession for Ohio.
    Williams turned it over. Akron called timeout. Akron called another timeout, which compelled Walther to release another feminine tribal shout.
    Linhart just made the shot of his life. Wood posted up two Ohio defenders. The shot rebounded long. Linhart reached behind him for the rebound, lofted it toward the rim, and it went in off glass.
    Ohio imbounded the ball. Walther took it coast-to-coast and missed a potential game-winning 3. Game over.
    Final score -- Akron 55, Ohio 54
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