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Akron vs. Youngstown State - Running game notes

By mrasor Published: December 21, 2007

Men's basketball

    Keep clicking "refresh" for comments throughout the game. Feel free to chime in with your own...
    The women lost 74-56. Sarah Tokodi led Akron with 26. From watching only one half of the game, it was apparent that the Zips don't play very good on-ball defense. They were routinely getting burned off the dribble.
    The men will start at about 8:05.
    Before every game, Keith Dambrot plops down on the bench and stares at the opposing team warming up. I can't tell if it's creepy or brilliant.
    I chatted with a gentleman who works in the Horizon League office. He said his boss was on the NCAA Tournament selection committee. Akron was never seriously discussed because of its strength of schedule. The reasoning is, "Who cares if you can go 26-and-whatever if you're scheduling a bunch of nonconference cupcakes at home."
    I totally agree with that. The Zips need at least two big boys on the schedule per year. Try to win. Learn to play in a tough environment. When you lose, cash the check and buy the players some pizza. If you refuse to challenge your team in favor of boosting the win total, you aren't fooling anybody. Akron is good enough to knock off some of these schools, too.
    Look at Miami, who beat Illinois by three on the road last night. Next up for the RedHawks are No. 3 Kansas and Cincinnati. They might not win, but if they do, their at-large argument gets a lot better. With Akron's schedule, there would be no argument unless the team was undefeated at this point.
    Chris McKnight is in the starting lineup for the second-straight game. Joining him is Jeremiah Wood, Nick Dials, Cedrick Middleton and Nate Linhart.
    YSU loves to move the ball from side to side with the dribbler on offense. There's probably a term for it, but it looks like the reverse play in fooball.
    The Penguins have three early fouls and plenty of turnovers.
    Darryl Roberts was one of the first players off the bench again. To put him in the same backcourt as Steve McNees shows the confidence Dambrot has in his freshmen point guards.
    Dials came out of the game with what appeared to be back pain.
    ABJ photographer Ken Love is taking shots from the rafters tonight. Expect some cool pictures from one of the area's most talented photographers in tomorrow's paper.
    YSU's offense was bad last year. The Penguins lost their two senior guards. They are absolutely horrible. The NCAA should allow them to have six players on offense to clot the bleeding. It could change. This season, YSU has shaped up in the second half. Still, I can only think of three GOOD shots they have taken. I'm not talking accurate shots. I mean shots that a coach would like his players to shoot. The home fans have to be bored.
    Roberts has tried to penetrate the last few possessions. He appears to be out of control, but two have resulted in Roberts going to the foul line.
    Dials is back from his back/knee pain. He still hasn't taken a shot, however.
    Youngstown State is really tightening up on defense. They are contesting even the inconsequential passes. Their offense still couldn't score on the loosest defenders from press row.
    A kid who looked no older than 8 just drained a free throw and 3-pointer to win a $20 gift card. On a related note, YSU has now offered its final scholarship.
    I hate to say it, but I'd like to see the game get a little closer because this is so dull. There hasn't been more than a couple minutes of good basketball. If YSU pulls within five, Akron might start playing again.
    Akron has 17 turnovers. YSU has 18. The game's boredom naturally led to a dollar bet between myself and Elton Alexander over whether both teams will reach 20.
    Fans are getting antsy over bad calls, but there's a 18-point lead. It shows how anxious people are to care about something. The thing I care about -- the turnover bet -- is looking pretty good. Akron has 18 turnovers. YSU has 19. I don't think the teams will get there.
    The teams have combined for 56 fouls. That's incredible.
    Final score -- Akron 79, Youngstown State 57
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