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Alleman excited about today

By mrasor Published: April 28, 2007

Today might as well be a national holiday for sports nerds like me.
Since the NFL Draft falls on a Saturday, there's really no necessity for that.
Anyhow, I talked to Andy Alleman a few times this week. He kept asking if it was Saturday yet. Aside from advising him about the day of the week, I listened to some extreme excitement.
And why wouldn't he be? He went from above-average MAC lineman to possible second-round pick in just weeks.
If I'm Alleman, I'm not getting my hopes up. It's very easy to slide on draft day. I stand by my initial estimation that he'll go in the third round. I would love to see the Browns grab him.
I'm going to give Alleman a call after he's chosen, and I'll have that conversation for you shortly thereafter.
Men's basketball
At the end of Tom Gaffney's story about Keith Dambrot's contract extension, he mentions that John Rybak is transferring to Texas State.
It seems like a great thing for both parties. Rybak never would play extended minutes, and now the Zips have a scholarship freed up. Gaffney suggests Columbus DeSales' Alex Kellogg, son of television analyst and former Buckeye Clark Kellogg, could be the target.

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