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Andrew Johnson still 'doubtful'

By mrasor Published: October 10, 2008

Like last week, Andrew Johnson is doubtful to play Saturday against Bowling Green.
The Zips absolutely need their best running back against Bowling Green to move the chains against an improved defense and to keep up with a potent Falcons offense.
There are six games to play. To me, this is the last chance to give DeVoe Torrence a chance. Playing half the season is good experience for a freshman year. Next week is Eastern Michigan. Then Buffalo, Toledo, Temple and Ohio.
Those games are not nearly as important as Saturday. I guarantee both teams will look back on Oct. 11 and say, "Man, that game was huge for determining the MAC East champ." If Johnson cannot play (and it doesn't look promising for the immediate future either), refusing to play Torrence is tantamount to waving a white flag at this season. That whole "faith in Dennis Kennedy" thing is getting really old.
Like I have said, it is far too speculative to look four years into the future and say, "We will be happy DeVoe didn't play in 2008. Now he has an extra season to play." He could suffer an injury. He could leave the university (for grades or otherwise). Akron could have a better running back at that point. You can think of all sorts of reasons why the 2012 Zips might not need Torrence.
But they absolutely need him now.

    Yep. Bain is still on the injury report. The coaching staff cannot maintain this deception forever. Can they?
    Other "doubtful" players include Aaron Williams and Al-Teric Balaam. The following players are "out": Ryan Bain, Cowles Stewart, Alex Allen, Paul Simkovich, Evan Laube and Brandon Williams.
    Tom Gaffney explains the challenge Akron faces against Tyler Sheehan, a pocket passer who runs a spread offense.
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