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Be like the MVC

By mrasor Published: April 10, 2007

Men's basketball

Tom Gaffney talked to the Missouri Valley Conference's commissioner, who told him how "The Valley" moved from the 21st to sixth highest RPI league in just over a decade.

Basically, you have to schedule better. And if member schools are reluctant for job-security reasons, threaten to withhold money usually dispersed among the teams.

It's a very interesting article. I recommend reading it.


I probably won't be at today's practice. If anyone wants to post thoughts below, feel free.

I have to go to the airport to pick up Jimmy Santiago Baca -- the author whom the university refused to invite to campus because of his criminal background (of about 30 years ago). The Buchtelite opened up its pockets and invited him anyhow.

If you are interested in hearing a terrific author tell about his rocky life in prison, come to Ballroom A of the Student Union on the third floor tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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