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Belated game comments

By mrasor Published: October 30, 2006


I'll admit, I only saw the first half because ESPN 360 was driving everyone nuts with its constant buffering from our hotel room in St. Louis.

Here are my impressions regardless...

  • Just when Kent State opened the door for the Zips re-entering the conference race, the Zips slammed it. That is disappointing. Still, as Mike Waddell used to tell me, if this team goes 7-5 this season, a bowl will be waiting. Akron sold out its allotment of tickets to the Motor City Bowl. Selection committees won't forget that.

  • It's time for Carlton Jackson to get some serious playing time. I don't think he deserves to start over Luke Getsy, but he is certainly more mobile, and that might help him avoid sacks better. Next week, I would prescribe at least three series to see what Jackson can do.

  • Jackson must be impressing some people. J.D. Brookhart recently said that he clearly overtook Chris Jacquemain as the No. 2 QB.

  • Akron has two studs on offense, and not much more. Dennis Kennedy and David Harvey will be really exciting to watch the next couple seasons. Both had good games against Toledo.

  • The Zips run defense struggled, surrendering 175 yards.

  • This was just another game the Zips allowed to slip due to inconsistency and mistakes. I still hesitate to say the season is over. I certainly warn against anyone who thinks Brookhart is a bad coach.

  • I'll preview the Bowling Green game either tonight or tomorrow morning.
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