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Blackburn starts for G-Men

By mrasor Published: December 17, 2005


Former Zips linebacker Chase Blackburn got the start today at linebacker for the Giants. Blackburn went undrafted, yet latched on in New York. He has played in 13 games this year. I didn't see the game, but Buchtelite editor in chief Dan Kadar did. He said Blackburn played OK but got annihilated a couple times. He had three tackles and six assists. It's just another notch in this program's belt.

By the way, still no response from Mack Rhoades after I e-mailed him. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to bring you that exclusive interview.

p.s. Keep the scoops coming. If you read something online, hear something, have an inside source, let me know. I do all of those things, but I'm only one set of ears. You can IM me (MRasor0200) or e-mail me.

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