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Board of Trustees bans alcohol at most of InfoCision Stadium

By mrasor Published: June 19, 2009

The Board of Trustees said alcohol is not to be sold at InfoCision Stadium -- except in the suite and club areas.
Judge Jane Bond, in fact, voted to ban alcohol sales at the entire venue.
Great idea, folks. This Board of Trustees builds a 60-plus million dollar football stadium, and then it says, "Oh, but legal adults cannot buy alcohol. It's what the NCAA wants." It's a symbolic gesture of what sort of chance the stadium has to succeed.
Fans will only drink more before the games. This isn't about preventing drunken brawls. This is about allowing the University of Akron to make a boatload of profit on beer, and to entice upperclassmen to attend Zips games. Kent State and Cincinnati do it. Stop thinking like a bureaucracy and start thinking like a business.
Congratulations, Board of Trustees, you effectively cost your university thousands of dollars. There are hundreds of methods to regulate alcohol consumption. Allow beer sales only in the first half. Heck, even limit each patron to two brews. We can make it work without an outright ban.
Luckily, the board gets to vote again in 2010, because they can't possibly make the same mistake twice.
Maybe each trustee can write the taxpayers a personal check for such an poor decision. Judge Bond can pay double.
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