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Bowling Green vs. Ohio -- Liveblog

By mrasor Published: March 12, 2009

Men's basketball

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    The Bobcats' fans are sitting behind me. They are pretty loud. Being a neutral observer, they are making me want to root for Ohio.
    At the half, Bowling Green is shooting 57 percent, compared to 34 percent for the Bobcats. The Falcons lead, 35-27. Nate Miller leads both teams with 14 points.
    Charlie Coles just walked by. He is like a rock star around here. Ohio fans applauded him. Just about everyone said hi. The comparison to Joe Paterno is spot on. Hopefully Coles' health allows him another season or two on the bench. I would bet you'll see his top assistant Jermaine Henderson take over after the season.
    I'm hearing there have been a couple clock problems in the past couple days. In the CMU/Ball State game, CMU had the ball with 40.7 seconds left with a tie game. There is a shot-clock violation. The refs deliberate and put 4.3 seconds on the clock. As you know, Brett McKnight tipped in the game winner with 0.5 seconds left. Toledo's player caught the inbound pass, turned and heaved the ball. Somehow, the refs believed that all of that could occur in zero-point-five seconds. In law, we call both of those situations "harmless error," which does not merit reversal.
    My friend from law school went to high school with Jerome Tillman. Want to hear his nickname? OK. It's "Romey."
    Jeff Boals and Rick McFadden are sitting in front of me. Boals said Humpty Hitchens is not at full speed for tonight.
    Ohio's hope is fading. Miller is up to 22 points. Tillman has only 11. The Bobcats like Kent State will enter rebuilding mode. I have made the mistake in assuming Kent State will "tailspin into mediocrity." I won't do that again. But it's hard to see how Ohio will be any better without Michael Allen and Tillman.
    Ohio called timeout down 13 with 16.2 seconds left. It inspired a chorus of boos from the non-Bobcats supporters.
    Tillman had a great career. He is my MAC Player of the Year. The Bobcats came over to their fans and applauded them. Some are crying. I don't blame them. When you pour your entire life into an activity for four or five years, and suddenly it ends, I can understand tearing up.
    Final score -- Bowling Green 74, Ohio 61
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