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Braves draft Farmer

By mrasor Published: June 8, 2007

The Zips might have lost their ace for 2008.
Tom Farmer, who scorched the prestigious Cape Cod League last summer, has a chance to be a Brave after Atlanta drafted him in the 20th round today.
The righthander struggled through his sophomore season, then sat out 2007 with a shoulder injury.
With two years of eligibility remaining, Farmer still may return to the Zips. From a scout I spoke with, he could improve himself to second-round status by proving his shoulder is fine and the Cape Cod performance was no fluke.
The scout also said some pitchers are just better facing hitters with wooden bats, like they use in most summer leagues. The sweet spot on an aluminum bat is much higher. Some metal bat homers are broken-bat dinkers with wood.
I heard Kurt Davidson, Akron's first baseman and career home run leader, also was a likely draftee. Him being a junior probably scared some teams away. You have a stronger hand in negotiating a signing bonus when you can tell the team you will just return to school, meaning the organization wasted a pick.

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