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Breakdown of the new depth chart

By mrasor Published: August 26, 2009

Here is my synopsis of the new depth chart...
Quarterback -- No suprise here. Chris Jacquemain starts. Matt Rodgers is the backup. The question is: How will J.D. Brookhart use Rodgers, as he has promised he will?
Offensive line -- We have known these starters since spring. It's nice to see four redshirt freshmen and three sophomores make the depth chart behind them.
Running back -- Alex Allen is the starter. Joe Tuzze is the backup. I like seeing Tuzze get some carries. It appears Brookhart will make Dale Martin, Norman Shuford and DeVoe Torrence earn their carries. If everything works out OK here, it would be fine to redshirt Shuford, in my opinion.
Wide receiver -- Andre Jones and Deryn Bowser are Nos. 1 and 2. No doubt about that. We will hear from Jeremy Bruce and Dashan Miller, who will split the third spot. Also, Jeremy LaFrance should get in there. I expected to see Curtis Brown, who is always active in practices. True freshman Anthony Meriwether is Bowser's backup, which is another surprise.
Tight end -- Let's see what the redshirt freshman, Rhyne Ladrach, can do. Any production is gravy. Why did Jose Cruz transfer?
Defensive line -- Almondo Sewell, Dan Marcoux and James Harvey are the starters. The three-deep, which includes Ryan Bain, is very strong.
Linebacker -- I'm surprised to see Sean Fobbs starting over Shawn Lemon, but Lemon is learning a new position. Redshirt freshman Jared Province has pushed Aaron Williams, and that position battle has not been decided. We knew Brian Wagner and Mike Thomas would start.
Secondary -- Manley Waller and Miguel Graham will start. If Emmanuel Lartey, Marvase Byrd and Diamond Weaver can improve, it will make for a young, athletic cornerback unit. The battle for the free safety spot is still up for grabs between Wayne Cobham and Jalil Carter. Tyler Campbell is the strong safety. Need more depth here.
Special teams -- Dashan Miller and Carter will return kicks. Bruce is the punt returner, with Weaver as his backup. True freshman Adam Steiner immediately takes the role he was born to play as the long snapper. Igor Iveljic and Branko Rogovic are still dueling for the place kicker job.

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