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Brookhart on CBSSportsline homepage

By mrasor Published: September 28, 2006


In a story about the college football rule changes, coach J.D. Brookhart talks about how they affected the outcome of the NC State game.

He also discusses the changes he made to his two-minute drill playbook.

  • Copley safety David Arnold committed to Northwestern, in somewhat of a shocker since the leaders were Syracuse and Illinois. Anyhow, that didn't stop Brookhart's staff from sending him a letter of congratulations. You know, in case something goes wrong in Evanston.

  • Tom Reed wrote a good column about Kent State's Andre Kirkland, a Division II transfer who won MAC Defensive Player of the Week for his amazing performance against Bowling Green.

  • This game means a little more to Eugene Jarvis. He committed to Akron, but never signed a letter of intent because the Zips wanted to grayshirt him -- which amounts to making him pay for his first semester. So now he's more motivated to beat a team he screwed over, I suppose.

  • Please, don't worry about the Zips overlooking Kent State. Similar to Lee Owens' approach, the Zips are preparing for the Flashes like Ohio State readies for Michigan, the PD's Elton Alexander reports.
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